Simple4x review

13 Nov 2023


There is nothing special on the provider's website, the site is very basic.  Perhaps no one works on the sites may be that the site is abandoned. There are gseful links and reviews from the telegram channel.


A provider offers trading courses for 750$. Then about his course the provider writes: "In this course, I have collected all my knowledge about forex trading, I have made it as easy as possible to eliminate any guesswork from the charts". Next we see the price for the signals - it is 99$. The provider's services include:
2-3 Signals daily. Educational content.
Risk management indicator. But what kind of indicator is not written.
Trade management strategy. Nothing is written about the strategy either.

It is interesting that signals are given only in the premium group, and there are almost no signals on the free channel. Here are only trades from the premium group that have already played out.  

What is in this course? If you look at the content, you will realize that it is for beginners. Because these materials can be easily found on YouTube. It will cost you 750$. The most important thing here can be one-on-one mentoring, which can speed up the your learning process.


Social network

The provider has an Instagram account, which is subscribed by more than 13 000 people. Basically, on the channel trades are published, as well as educational and motivational posts.


The provider rarely posts videos to its YouTube channel. All videos are mostly about market analysis and some tutorials.


The provider has been inactive in posting trading ideas on Tradingview. The last post was on August 7. About 65 people are subscribed to the profile.




The main source of signals is its primium group on Telegram. There are 1,927 people subscribed to it. The average number of views is 465. The audience engagement is at a good enough level and is equal to 24.13%. This shows that the provider has no fake subscribers and it is confirmed by the diagram of subscribers growth.

The telegram channel publishes unverified results from the premium group. As well as the results for the week.




 As you can see below as there is no signals. There are no signals on the publc telegram channel, which makes it difficult to analyze the provider, as we won't be able to learn about the analytical abilities of the provider.



There are no reviews on major sites about this signal provider, but there are reviews from telegram on the website. Whether you can believe such reviews remains for you to decide. Of course, it would be great if people leave a review on Trustpilot.




On the public Telegram channel of Simple4x only screenshots of successful and also unsuccessfu trades from the premium group. This shows the transparency of the provider at some level. Still, we don't know about it 100%. You need to buy a subscription to see real results, which every trader deserves to know before using the provider's services. The provider does not have a profile on myfxbook, which is important in this industry and would show its trading abilities. Overall we can say the provider has good skills in analyzing the markets.