• Why do we need honest statistics on signal providers?

    The vast majority of signal providers deceive their customers by inflating their performance. Only about 5% of traders have real profits. Therefore, so far, the search for profitable providers becomes almost impossible.

    Our team has analyzed many traders to find this 5% for you and help you earn.

  • How do you check signal providers?

    Verification is carried out using unique software developed by our company. This program checks each trader's signal: when the signal was sent, whether it was edited, whether it was profitable or not, and whether the result presented by the trader was correct.

    We also analyze profit by week, profit per instrument, no averaging, and many other metrics to choose the best trader for you.

  • Why are there so few profitable traders?

    Most of the signal providers refer to a large number of subscribers, testimonials, and screenshots with excellent results they have. However, all these promotion tools are now available to everyone and everyone can “wind up” any number of subscribers and order any reviews, etc.

    Also, when looking for a profitable provider, many indicators are important, because a trader can earn a profit of 200% per year, 180% of which is closed on just two BTC/USD transactions. Then this trader is not considered good enough, because his stability is in question.

    Therefore, we thoroughly check the quality of each signal, their general statistics, and also do a complete analysis of some companies, e.g. where we also analyze their social networks, promotion methods, overall subscriber activity, etc.

  • Do you offer any trading signals?

    No, we do not offer or sell trading signals.

    Our company conducts a complete analysis of signal providers and offers you their statistics, which you can use to select a profitable provider and trade successfully.

  • How to use your product?

    Everything is simple and created specifically for those who want to trade with really profitable providers.

    You choose a signal provider from our list of verified traders, depending on your requirements. Download their statistics showing their strengths and weaknesses and start making money with them. The profit may be higher than our forecasts since now you not only know their statistics, but also the instruments for which the trader has the most profitable trades.

  • What if I want to check a specific trader?

    If you want to check a specific trader, who is not on our list, write to us by telegram or by mail. We will contact you. We will need a list of his signals or access to his channel from you.

    Within a few days, we will analyze it and display trader’s statistics on our website.

  • What to do if you were deceived by a bad signal provider?

    On the donation page (link) we have added the ability to raise funds against a specific trader.

    These funds will be used to write articles on a particular trader, write honest reviews on rating resources, and promote these articles.

    IMPORTANT, fundraising is carried out only against traders with BAD and SCAM status, that is, those who deceive clients.

  • The best free forecasts from traders

    On the Best Ideas page we publish the best ideas from the best traders.

    We check the free ideas of traders and analyze which instruments they use to get the best trading results. That is, if we have information that a trader has profitable trades in BTC/USD and EUR/USD, we publish his forecasts for these pairs.

  • What is the optimal amount to invest?

    It is always important to invest sensible amounts appropriate to your financial status. It is possible to start with as little as $100 and build this up to $1000 over a period of time. The only limitations may be the brokers/exchanges minimum deposit amounts that are not controlled by TraderStat.

    At TraderStat we advise all investors that investments in Forex can be a slow process that can be very rewarding long term if the rules of the chosen strategy are followed.

  • What returns would I be looking at?

    With the correct risk management, mentality and strategy it is possible to have a sustainable income with any trading. The use of correct risk management is one of the cores and most important skills in trading to attain. If correct risk management is followed only 0.5% - 2% will be used per trade.

    The mental state of mind is another important skill to have. Approximately 95% of new retail traders will increase their stake amount after the losing trades to get back the loss. Eventually this would cause the deposit to be wiped, also known as a “Blown account” as the risk would be so high a single volatility spike would cause all funds to be taken by the exchange or broker.

    The strategy is another factor of a successful trading equation.

    In conclusion, should all the variables be put together there is a high possibility you will succeed and profit consistently with over 10% - 20% account balance increase per month.

    To put things into perspective having a 10% increase each month would equal to 120% per year. Investing £100,000 would see £120,000 worth of profits in a year using a low risk trading equation.