Rio Traders review

5 Mar 2023


The provider has a website, but it's not functional.



Social network

Rio Traders has a YouTube channel with 1150 subscribers. Here the provider posts its analyses and forecasts on financial assets.


Despite the fact that there are 81 people subscribed to the provider's Twitter account, there is still activity. The provider regularly posts results from the VIP telegram channel.


There are 187 people subscribed to the provider's instagram. The posts are mostly posts from the telegram channel.


The Facebook provider is also active on Facebook. Posts from Instagram are duplicated here.




Most of the activity is on Telegram, as is the case with most signal providers. The channel has 68,034 subscribers. And audience engagement is very low at only 1.37% or 897 average views. On July 6, 2022, in one day the number of subscribers increased from 55,223 to 70,957, which is +28%. It was obviously an artificial increase in the number of the audience.

In the channel description, Rio Traders promises over 900 pips of profit each week. From his VIP channel, he posts weekly profit reports. What is surprising is that in all reports the profit is not less than 2,000 pips. It is worth noting that most of the signals are signals from the VIP group and these are already closed trades. There are very few free signals.




Let's analyze one of the signals for gold given on 13.07.2022 at 03:56. The signal was to buy gold at 1722-1723. Stop loss at the level of 1720. Take one at 1728 and take profit 2 at 1734. The entry was accurate. After that, the price sharply went up and reached the TP. The price did not reach the second target. The profit on this trade amounted to +90 points. This was reported by the provider himself.


The last signal was from the telegram channel on gold this 27.07.2022 at 03:43. The signal was to sell the asset at 1720 - 1721. The risk of profit is slightly less than 1. Stop at 1725, first TP at 1715, second at 1708. After opening the trade the price of the asset reached the first take profit. This was reported by the provider. The profit amounted to 60 points. The price did not reach the second take profit.




I have not noticed any reviews on third-party platforms on this provider. There are a few reviews in Telegram and all of them, of course, with gratitude for the success of the signals. As usual, there are no negative reviews. Such reviews in posts on the Telegram channel do not give much to trust. It would not be credible if these reviews were left in Trustpilot, for example.




Provider Rio Traders has a large number of subscribers on the Telegram channel, but the degree of audience engagement is quite low. This indicates a high probability of fake subscribers. And most of the reviews are similar. All this puts their reliability in doubt. The provider is active on social media, talking about his profitable trades, if this is indeed the case, then why hasn't anyone left reviews on third-party websites in all this time? And simply providing a weekly results history and screenshots will not prove that the results are verified.