Crypto Money Mantra review

12 Mar 2024

General information

Today, we embark on an in-depth review of Crypto Money Mantra, a signal provider based in India and helmed by Jatin Dembla. This provider offers both free and paid signals to cater to a diverse range of users. Notably, Crypto Money Mantra maintains a robust online presence through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, although it lacks a dedicated website. Jatin Dembla's primary objective in establishing this platform is to promote understanding and awareness about the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and the revolutionary blockchain technology. 

Social network

Crypto Money Mantra, maintains a notable presence on Instagram, boasting 515 followers. The primary channel showcases an engaging mix of content, which includes news updates,memes, and crucial information pertaining to the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. 


Crypto Money Mantra has a Facebook page with approximately 642 followers. However, the provider's activity on this platform seems to be relatively low, as their last post was made in January.


The provider seldom shares his forecasts on Tradingview, which is a notable difference compared to other social networks. Interestingly, his audience on this platform is relatively large, boasting 2,249 subscribers. However, it is worth mentioning that his last post dates back to the beginning of February, indicating a possible lack of recent activity.



On Twitter, the provider merely replicates the posts from their Telegram channel, which may indicate a reliance on cross-platform content sharing.


On his YouTube channel, the provider shares educational videos and market forecasts related to cryptocurrencies.



The primary source of signals provided by this service is his Telegram channel, which currently has 3,798 subscribers. The average number of views per post is 946, demonstrating a decent level of audience interest. The engagement rate stands at 24.92%, indicating a good level of interaction among the subscribers.

Upon examining the graph depicting the growth of subscribers over the years, it becomes evident that the number is declining. The provider has experienced a significant loss of nearly a thousand subscribers within the past year alone. Furthermore, there is a lack of information or any trading statistics provided in the channel description, which may contribute to the subscriber drop.


As you have already gained insight into the provider's identity, their transparency can be perceived as a trustworthy aspect. His Telegram channel serves as a platform where they disseminate valuable information, including crypto signals and a plethora of news updates. In his continuous endeavor to educate his audience, he has recently introduced a free course on technical analysis, showcasing his dedication to fostering understanding and proficiency in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.


In this analysis, we will delve into one of the recent signals from the provider's Telegram channel dated March 14, 2024. The recommendation was to purchase MANA/USDT at a price range of 0.755 to 0.65. The suggested stop loss was set at 0.53, with take profits at levels 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, and 2. After executing the trade, the price swiftly moved against the forecast and continued to do so. Unfortunately, the provider did not issue any notifications regarding this unfavorable development. It is likely that the trade will conclude with a loss.

In another instance, a signal with 5x leverage was given to sell the asset ETHUSDT, with a price range of 3755-3855. The stop loss was set at 3950, while take profits were set at multiple levels: 3650, 3550, 3450, 3350, and 3250. The risk-to-profit ratio was maintained less than 1:1. Following the trade, the price followed the forecast, reaching all the targeted levels. The provider reported the signal's success and the resulting trade.



The absence of reviews on prominent platforms, such as the provider's Telegram channel, raises concerns about the credibility of Crypto Money Mantra. Considering the number of subscribers he has, one would expect a substantial number of reviews on platforms like Trustpilot. Regrettably, there are no reviews available for this signal provider on Trustpilot or his Telegram channel, which may create doubts about his trading performance.


Based on the information provided, it is difficult to draw a comprehensive conclusion about Crypto Money Mantra. The absence of an official website, limited user reviews, and the need to rely on social media presence for assessing his signals and services present some concerns. While his focus on educating people about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is commendable, the lack of transparency and credible user feedback hinder a full evaluation of reliability and effectiveness as a signal provider. Further information and evidence, such as user testimonials, detailed signal performance, and a dedicated website, would be necessary to form a well-rounded conclusion about Crypto Money Mantra.