TechnicalPips review

15 Oct 2023

Social network

The provider has an Instagram account. The number of subscribers is 9,729 people. The last post was published here in 2019.




The main source of signals for the provider is the Telegram channel. There are more than 31 thousand people subscribed to it. 

Despite the fact that the provider has many subscribers, the average number of views is only 2,190, which is 7.07%. Low audience engagement may indicate that the majority of subscribers are fake.

In the channel description the provider writes and removes responsibility for signals "No message from this group constitutes a buy / sell recommendation on financial assets". The admin of the telegram is anonymous. There are no valid prices for the premium channel. Also no what services it offers. But there is an old post from 2018 where the provider asked for premium channel 35$ per month and lifetime subscription 100$.


The provider gives a certain monthly trading result without any confirmation. Every month the provider has a winrate of more than 70%. If this is the case, why is audience engagement so low?




Let's break down the latest signals from the Telegram channel. The signal was on October 12 to buy gold at the price of 1879.63. Stop loss at 1870 and take profit at 1890.  


After the trade was opened, the price went against the forecast and reached the stop loss. This was reported by the provider himself.

Next trade on October 6 is CADJPY sell at 109.203, stop loss at 109.800 and take profit at 107.800. 


As you can see after opening the trade, the price went down and the provider notified to set breakeven. After the trade was closed at breakeven with no profit or loss. This was reported by the provider.



There are no reviews on the major review platforms about this signal provider like Trustpilot for example. All reviews with gratitude about the success of the signals. Of course, such reviews in the telegram channel are questionable. These reviews were written over 2 years. There are no reviews for these years.




The provider TechnicalPips is a completely anonymous provider. There is no website where you could find information about the provider, no social media except instagram. But it doesn't provide enough information either. The public telegram channel too there is no information about the team or strategies that give signals. The channel has a large number of screenshots of successful trades of VIP-groups. Of course, providing screenshots of VIP-group results is not a proof that these results are confirmed.  Also surprising is the lack of reviews considering that the provider has more than 30 thousand subscribers. This once again confirms that the provider has a lot of fake subscribers.