SureShotFx review

9 Sep 2023


The provider has its own website. On the main page of the site it promises accuracy of signals equal to 90% and profit from 3000 to 3500 pips per month. On the site was found interesting information about monthly profitability of +3500 pips.


Also on the home page says they are champions of transparency. Although in the proof section there are kind of confirmed results, but no. Because all links lead to posts in telegram, which of course is not proof.

 For its services, the provider is asking for the same services $199 for a lifetime subscription, $99 for 6 months, and $44 for a monthly subscription. 


Social network

The provider has Instagram channels where it is written about the profitability of +1800 pips per week. The number of subscribers is 5 286 with only 3-4 likes on posts.


The company also has a YouTube channel with 1530 subscribers. The main video are related to lamborghini and rich lifestyle.

There are 19 000 subscribers to the Facebook profile. Training posts are published here.




The main activity takes place in the Telegram channel. There are 15,978 people subscribed to it, the average number of views is 490. The audience engagement is extremely low, 3.14%. It is worth noting that just for one day, May 25, the number of participants of the channel increased by 1,000 people from 14,537 to 15,689 subscribers.  Is it a good advertisement or was this day a manipulation? In my opinion the latter, it confirms the degree of audience engagement.


In the Telegram channel provider about the profitability of transactions in 700+ pips per week and the accuracy of signals equal to 90%. The group is anonymous. There are only support contacts. The attached message advertises a VIP group with an impressive weekly yield of +1187 pips.


Also surprising are the trades that close in plus in just 10-20 minutes after opening. The provider promised trading based on technical analysis, not scalping. How useful are these signals? 




Let's analyze the signal for AUDUSD. It is worth noting that the post has been edited. The signal is attractive from the point of view of the ratio of profit to risk.

The short was opened and after it price immediately went up. Amazing accuracy of the provider in the case. As noted earlier the post was edited, perhaps the stop limit was changed initially. The price did not reach this TP and was closed manually. There was a post about it in the Telegram channel. The profit amounted to +28 pips.

Let's analyze the signal for GBPUSD given on April 26 at 12:46. From the point of view of profitability per transaction this signal is attractive.

Entry into the deal was made at the local maximum. One take profit was given, to which the price did not reach it. Just 5 hours after the opening the trade was closed by stop loss. There was no information about closing the trade in the telegram channel. The loss amounted to -68 pips.



Let's look at the reviews of this provider on Trustpilot.


The company has only 92 reviews, with an average score of 3.7. Even though on the main webpage the score is 4.3 out of 5.  At the same time, most of them are with an overhanging score and only 25% are negative. There are few average reviews.  This makes one wonder about their authenticity.

Most of the positive reviews are very short and generally express gratitude for successful signals without any specifics. It should be noted that the authors of the posts have no photos and only one review written on this site. This indicates a high probability that these reviews have been manipulated.

Negative reviews are only 18%. But for this they are more detailed and describe the real quality of this provider. One of the clients says that if the trade was on the stop, they will not report it and accuses the provider of deception with success rates of trades. 

Another VIP client says that he lost his entire deposit using the signals of this provider. In his review, he emphasizes that negative trades are removed from the channel and are not taken into account in the weekly profitability report. It is also said that the provider overestimates the profit on trades. However, you yourself can enjoy the attached below "colorful" review.



SureShotFx promises +35000 pips per month on the website, +1800 pips per week on instagram, and +700 pips per week on telegram. Maybe it's time for the provider to determine what his profitability per week is? In the reviews clients accused this company of deception with the number of successful trades, these reports, unfortunately, were confirmed. Overestimation of all indicators.  Also there is no confirmation of signals.  Can you trust your money to a provider who scams you boldly?