illyrian Forex review

24 Feb 2023

General information

illyrian Forex publishes free signals and also offers trading education services. It has a website, a Telegram channel, an Instagram page, as well as a profile on Tradingview.


The provider's website is entirely devoted to education. On the website, the provider offers trading courses. Prices for courses start at $500. Other than that, there is nothing special to highlight on the website.


The average rating of the courses is 4.8 points. Can we believe this rating on a website created by the provider himself?

Social network

The provider has an Instagram account with over 220 thousand followers. The main channel publishes educational posts on the topic of trading and trading psychology.


The engagement of the audience is very low, at only 2.45%. This suggests that the provider may have faked the number of subscribers.

There is also a page with about 1,500 followers on facebook. The posts from instagram are simply duplicated there.


The provider makes pretty high quality tutorial videos on youtube on the subject of trading. Audience involvement is good. There are about 10 thousand likes under each post. And 58 thousand people are subscribed to the provider's channel.


The provider also has a profile on TradingView. The last post was published on March 6, 2020. But with no posts in the last two years, the provider has a good record of audience activity.



Telegram is not the main source of signals. It has 22,071 subscribers. The average number of views is 14,832. Over the year, the loss in the number of subscribers was -13%, from 25,520 to 22,071. And the audience engagement is at an impressive level of 67.16%. Such an indicator is rare for a signal provider in general.

On the website, the provider advertises his VIP channel. The average rating for the channel is 4.5 points. Again, such ratings should not be trusted, as the provider can easily manipulate them.

The price of the VIP channel is $299 per year. Apart from this information on the website, I didn't see anything about this VIP channel.


Provider is inactive on the public telegram channel. Signals are not posted. There is only chart analysis as shown below.


I did not notice any reviews on third-party websites on this provider. There are a lot of one-type reviews on Instagram. There are no negative or neutral reviews. All of them thanking the provider for the success of the predictions.



The illyrian Forex provider has a large number of followers on Instagram, but the degree of audience engagement is quite low. There are no signals on the public telegram channel. Only screenshots with TradingView simple technical analysis. It is worth noting that the provider is inactive in telegram, although the audience engagement is very good.

The website does not have any links to the premium Telegram channel, which makes it impossible to check the signals. And the ratings on the website can be said to be fake. Screenshots of instagram reviews won't prove that the results are verified either. Since I haven't noticed any reviews on third-party websites.  In conclusion, it can be said that illyrian Forex is more of a provider of educational courses than forex signals.