19 Aug 2023

General information

Today we will analyze a signal provider called FOREX SIGNALS ANALYSIS, which promises 90% success rate. The provider offers free and paid signals. It does not have a website, but it has a Facebook and Instagram account. Let's take a closer look at FOREX SIGNALS ANALYSIS signal provider.

Social network

The provider has an Instagram account with 212 subscribers. The main channel publishes already closed successful trades and monthly results.



There is also a page with about 1900 subscribers in facebook.


The provider is inactive on Tradingview. The posts have been published 1 post since April 2022. Audience is small.



And on Twitter, the provider just duplicates posts from instagram. 


On his youtube channel, the provider posts educational videos and weekly market forecasts.



The main source of signals is the Telegram channel. There are 10,272 subscribers. The average number of views is 477. The audience engagement is at a very low level and equals 4.63%.
If you look at the chart of the number of subscribers over the years, you will see that it sharply increased and fell several times during this time. This suggests that the provider has inflated his channel.  In the channel description, the provider promises signals with a success rate above 80%. At the same time, the posts are only charts, which most often indicate the trend of the instrument in general. There are no specific targets for entering or exiting a position.


Let's analyze one of the signals on GPB/USD given on September 28, 2022 at 07:56. 

As mentioned above, there are no specific targets for entering the position in the post. There is also no information about take profits or stops. All this makes it difficult to perceive the signals. Let's analyze the approximate entry and exit points indicated on the chart in the post Telegram channel.  

After opening a position, the price went against the forecast and most likely the trade would have brought a loss. 


There are no reviews on third-party internet websites on this provider. There are one-type reviews in the channel's telegram. Naturally, as their either negative or neutral reviews there are none. All of them with thanks about the success of the signals. Of course, such reviews in posts in the channel's telegram cause doubts.



On the FOREX SIGNALS ANALYSIS Telegram channel, the degree of audience involvement is very low. And the zigzag chart of the number of subscribers indicates a high probability of fake subscribers. The public telegram channel does not have a convenient design of signals, there are no specific numbers for entering or exiting a position, thereby significantly complicating the perception of signals. The absence of stops on most public signals is also surprising. All this speaks about the level of professionalism of this provider.

FOREX SIGNALS ANALYSIS provider is active on social networks, telling about its profitable trades, but providing the history of results are not verified. The provider would have avoided this situation very easily by providing his myfxbook profile.
Most of the signals and results are from VIP(Paid) channel, that again you need to buy a subscription to see the real results.