FOREX.RR review

5 May 2023


The homepage of the company's website says "It's time to take your trading career to the next level!". The provider offers multiple services. Let's look at what services are available.



The provider is selling courses. He promises that his students can learn to analyze charts in a few weeks. And the provider also writes: "Use this knowledge and start increasing your capital, even if you're a beginner!"


Social network

The provider also has an Instagram account. It publishes successful trades, as well as trading educational posts. The channel is quite actively maintained, they publish stories, etc. However, there are only 150-200 likes on posts with 258 000 subscribers. The low activity suggests that the audience is being inflated.




The main source of free signals is the telegram channel. It has 4,486 subscribers. The average number of views is 2,094. The involvement of the audience is at a fairly high level and is equal to 46%.


Signals are posted very rarely. In fact, the last signal was in January 2020. And after that, the results of the signals from the VIP group are published on the channel with impressive returns.



It is worth noting that the provider does not give clear entries, but just a chart with analysis. All the signals from the provider were posted in this way. There are no specific entries, stop and take positions. Let's look at one of the provider's last signal from the telegram channel was on January 30, 2020. The signals were to sell the EURJPY asset at approximately 120.500. Stop loss at 121.500 and take profit at 117.500.



Let's move on to a look at the reviews of this provider on Trustpilot.


The company has only 67 reviews, with an average rating of 4.3. This is not surprising, 76% of the reviews give the provider the highest score. Most of the positive reviews are very short and in general express gratitude for successful signals without any specifics. It is worth noting that the authors of the posts have no pictures and only one review written on this site. This puts their authenticity in doubt.

Negative reviews represent 18% of the total. That's a little bit alarming. But for that they describe in great detail how this provider works. So one user that the company has a lot of false promises to earn at least 1000 pips a month and a small profit of 20-50 pips, regular stops reduce all profits.

One user calls this provider a scam and says that the company keeps charging you for the next month even if you cancel your subscription. And a next user says that the provider does not have the promised 85% winrate.

One of the provider's VIP clients created an instagram account and there he says that FOREX.RR is a scam. In the first post the client writes: "I signed up for FOREX.RR premium. FOREX.RR is ultimately a fake person. He is not good at technical analysis. His posts and all are fake."




The FOREX.RR provider has a large number of followers on Instagram, but the degree of audience engagement is quite low. This means that there is a high probability that subscribers are being tampered with.  The provider also actively advertises its reviews on various platforms. It is worth noting the strong predominance of positive reviews over negative ones. Most of the reviews are perfectly monotonous and written from new accounts. All this puts their authenticity in doubt.

The public telegram channel does not have a convenient layout of the signals, there are no specific numbers on the entry or exit from a position, thereby significantly complicating the perception of the signals. In two years there has not been a single signal. Only video screenshots from VIP group are posted on the channel. On the FOREX.RR website the provider promises a return of +1500 pips per month, but there is no way to check this. Because he does not keep records of his trades from VIP group on third-party websites like myfxbook.