18 May 2023


There is nothing special about the provider's website. The site is simple and not user-friendly. FOREX GURU does not provide any information about their company.

On the first page the provider writes the following: " You have just joined the world's largest forex signal provider and fund management company. We provide guaranteed 2000+ pips every month. 4-8 signals daily with the right stop loss and take profit. We have 1200+ paid members in our 3 paid channel. Our clients are witnesses to our good work.

On the next page they show a history of the company's VIP results. These results of course are not verified, there is no proof or list from any reliable source like myfxbook. The results and success rates raise many questions.  You cannot blindly believe these results.


Traders can get access to the VIP service "FOREX GURU", buying a subscription for 1, 2, 6 or 1 year. All premium subscriptions offer the same services, consisting of 4-8 signals per day, and promise a 90% win rate and 2,000 pips per month. The entire page consists of brief, vague similar offers.



Social network

The provider has an Instagram account with more than 7,672 followers. The main channel publishes customer testimonials. The entire provider's instagram almost consists of reviews and trading history.

Also has a Facebook profile.





Telegram channel is the main source of signals. It has a large number of subscribers. 23,816 people. The average number of views is 403. And the audience engagement is on a very low level and is equal to 1.69%.


The number of subscribers for the year was up and down. The graph with the number of subscribers proves that the provider is inflating his channel. The involvement proves it. 

In the channel description provider says that signal success rate is from 75 to 90%. It also promises an unrealistic 2,000 pips per month.



Let's analyze one of the latest signals from the provider's telegram channel on October 8, 2022 at 3:17 pm. The signals were to buy the EURUSD asset at 0.97900. Stop loss at 0.97300 and take profit at 0.99200. After the deal was opened, the price went down and the deal closed with a loss of 60 points.  This was reported by the provider himself.

 Another example on October 6, 2022 at 16:41. The signal was to sell the asset USDJPY at the price of 144.751. Stop loss at 145.355. And take profit at 143.550. After opening the deal, the price fluctuated for a while, then went against and closed at the stop.



There are no reviews on third-party internet platforms on this provider. There are many of the same type of reviews in telegram channel and also on the site. There are no negative or neutral reviews, of course. All of them with gratitude about the success of the signals. Of course, such reviews in telegram channel posts are questionable.



The provider's website is very poor, although they claim to be GURU. FOREX GURU has a large number of subscribers on the channel, but the degree of involvement of the audience is low and the provider obviously has fake subscriber on his channel. Most of the signals and results are from the VIP channel, which again you have to buy a subscription to see the real results.  And as usual providing a history of results as well as screenshots will not prove that the results are verified. Forex GURU's would have easily avoided this situation if they provided their myfxbook profile. But there is no myfxbook. The company's website also talks about a success rate of 75% to 90%, but in fact it is only half as much and is only about 40%. Do you think it is worth it to trust this provider?