FOREX GDP review

20 Feb 2024

General information

Today we are going to look at a signal provider called FOREX GDP, which offers signals for the Forex market.  The provider has a website, social media and a Telegram channel. Let's take a look at what FOREX GDP consists of.


The interface of the provider's website is not very friendly. They explain why traders, especially beginners, should join them.  On the first page the provider writes: "Your trading fear, emotions will get reduced surely. Save your time, money by following 20+ years of experts to become yourself a profitable trader".  They claim that their services help to reduce trading emotions. They also talk about experts with 20 years of experience.


Below we have a look at the provider's latest outlook.  There is both technical analysis and fundamental analysis of financial assets.

Then we are given 6 reasons why you should choose them: Quality over Quantity, Low Cost Services, Strong Technical Analysis, In-depth Information, WhatsApp, Email, Telegram Signals and Success Ratio Is 80-95%. The last one is questionable.

Then some interesting information about the provider itself is given. See how they describe themselves. They claim that the trader provider has worked in major banks, financial institutions, liquidity providers, forex brokers in various positions such as equity dealer, fund manager, senior market analyst, risk manager and other major positions in trading companies. But no names are given.  

Traders can access premium and supreme service. Premium subscription prices start at $74 per month. And supreme subscription prices start at $147 per month and goes up to $697.

The testimonials section gives some sort of customer reviews. They are very suspicious. They are short and of the same type.

Social network

The provider has an Instagram account with more than 21.5 thousand people subscribed to it. On the main channel, analytics and market forecasts are published.  


Also has a page with 52 thousand followers in facebook. All the same posts as on instagram.


The last thing the provider has is a Twitter.


The provider makes training videos and analytics on YouTube on the subject of trading. The involvement of the audience is good. There are more than 6,000 people subscribed to the provider's channel.



The main source of signals is the Telegram channel. It has a large number of subscribers 16,875 people. The average number of views is 3862. At the same time, the audience engagement is at a good level of 22.88%.

The number of subscribers has been growing since the beginning of this 2023. Provider growth was from 15,500 audience and up to the current results.  In the channel description they write, Free Daily Forex News, Motivation, Chart Analysis to help you trade with confidence.


There are no specific instructions on entering and exiting positions in the posts on the Telegram channel. There is no information about take profit levels or stops. All this makes it difficult to perceive the signals.  You can say that it is just a market overview as shown below.



The company has only 117 reviews. 79% of reviews give the provider the highest score. Most of the positive reviews are very short and generally express gratitude for successful signals without any specifics. It is worth noting that the authors of the posts have no photos and only one review written on this site. This casts doubt on their authenticity.


Negative reviews account for 5% of the total number. This is a bit alarming. But for this they describe in great detail, the way this provider works. So one user says that the provider does not show real results of signals. 

There are many positive reviews. Can the reviews on the provider's website be trusted?  


There are no signals as such on ForexGPD Telegram channel. Almost all signals are from the premium group, thus significantly complicating the perception of signals. There is no proof that the provider really has at least 50% win rate, let alone 80-90% as the provider claims. This is clearly the provider's way of luring inexperienced traders.