Exclusive Technical Analysis review

13 Aug 2023


There is nothing special on the provider's website, the site is quite simple. On the first page the company offers to join the telegram channel and VIP group.

The provider charges from $80 to $250 per subscription for its VIP signals. Traders can get access to the premium service by purchasing a 1, 3 months subscription or a lifetime subscription. All premium subscriptions offer the same services consisting of 2-3 signals per day and it promises up to 90% winrate and up to +1500 pips per month. The whole page consists of short similar offers.

Social network

The provider has a Facebook account, to which more than 355 people are subscribed. On the main channel, closed successful trades from the VIP group are published. 



The main source of signals is the Telegram channel. There are 18 966 people subscribed to it. The average number of views is 902. Audience engagement is at a low level and equals 4.76%. 
Over the year the provider lost -48% of the audience from 36 500 to 19 000. This suggests that the provider may have inflated its channel. On the channel description the provider promises monthly +1500 points.



Let's analyze one of the last signals from the provider's Telegram channel.  The signal was to sell the asset GBPAUD at the price of 1.7886. Stop loss at 1.7940, and take profit at 1.7680.  

After opening the trade the price went up and reached the stop and the trade was closed at stop loss.  

Another example. The signals were to sell the same asset at the price of 1.1255. Stop loss at 1.1290 and take profit at 1.1100.   After opening the trade, the price went up not according to the forecast, and the price reached the stop loss again.



There are no reviews on major platforms about this signal provider, including in the provider's Telegram group.    



The provider's public Telegram channel Exclusive Technical Analysis actively posts the results of trades from the VIP group, which cannot be verified. There is no proof that the provider really has at least 50% winrate, let alone 90% as the provider itself says. This is clearly the provider's way of luring inexperienced traders. If the provider is really so good, why no one writes reviews on third-party websites fo far.