Delta Forex VIP review

20 Nov 2023

General information

Today we have on our radar a forex signal provider called Delta Forex. The provider provides free and paid signals. They have a website and several social networks. Let's take a closer look at Delta Forex signal provider.


The provider's website is simple. It does not give any information about the provider. For example, I would like to know about the pro-risk and money management system they use or about the team in the team. Although it is written that they use the hyped strategy SMC. There is nothing on the website except this, just links to social networks and that's all.


Then they write what services are in the premium channel. This is 6-8 signals per week with a 70% winrate and of course with a large R/R.

Social networks

The provider has an instagram account with almost ten thousand followers. The main channel is devoted to trading educational posts on SMC strategy. The average number of likes under posts is about 150. The last post was in July this year.


The provider is inactive in Tradingview since the last post was made on August 1, 2022. He joined the platform 3 years ago. He has more than 500 followers.


And on Twitter, the provider publishes technical analysis of charts and fundamental analysis. The last post was 4 months ago. The provider wrote about itself "Full Time Forex & Find Forex Best Singnals Weekly Forecast and Chart Analysis"


The provider is inactive on his YouTube channel. The first and last video was published two years ago.



As with 99% of providers, the main source of signals is the Telegram channel. It has 1,591 subscribers. The average number of views is 448. The audience engagement is at a good level of 28.16%. This is a good indicator that the provider has no fake subscribers. 

If you look at the graph of the number of subscribers for the year, you can see that the provider lost -13% of the audience, from 1660 to 1436. But then it increased to the current number.

In the channel description, the provider says, "Trade Like SMC". In the telegram channel you can already find out that the provider uses only one take profit and the minimum R/R is 1:5.



Let's take a look at one of the latest signals from the provider's Telegram channel. The signal was on October 18 to buy GBPUSD at the price of 1.21772. Stop loss at 1.21710, and take profit at 1.22114.  As noted by the provider himself risk/profit is 1:5.6. After opening the trade, the price went pronose, but the trade did not reach the target as you can see on the screenshot. Although the trade turned out not bad with R/R 1:4. The provider does not give any comments.

The next signal was also to buy EURUSD on October 27. The opening price of the trade is 1.05590. Stop loss at 1.05527 and take profit at 1.05951. The profit risk is very good which is R/R 1: 5.7.


As you can see from the screenshot above, the price has not reached the opening price. The provider left comment as shown above.


There are no reviews of this provider on review sites like Trustpilot, including the telegram channel. There are reviews from instagram, the most recent of which were posted as stories over 12 weeks ago.



There are few signals on the public telegram channel of Delta Forex provider. The provider has very few reviews. There is nothing but instagram reviews. Also it is impossible to verify trades as they do not have myfxbook. Another thing to note is that the provider's website does not look like a professional website. If the provider really has a 70% success rate, why not make a good website. Since the provider's main focus is SMC, we can say that he has a good knowledge about this strategy.