Crypto Cove Premium review

27 Feb 2024

General information

Let's look at a crypto signal provider called Crypto Cove. The provider offers free as well as premium signals. The provider can be found in almost all social networks like instagram, youtube and telegram. They claim in their reports that they make profits with a success rate of more than 76%. Is this true?

Social network

The provider has an Instagram account with 1,899 followers. On the main channel, the forecast of crypto assets is published.


The provider also has a profile on TradingView. The last post was published in October 2023. 


Crypto Cove has a youtube channel where there are no videos. Despite this, 240 people subscribed to the channel.


The provider also has a Twitter account. More than 80,000 people are subscribed to it, which is quite a lot. Instagram posts are duplicated here.



The main source of Crypto Cove signals is a telegram channel that was created in 2018. There are almost 28 thousand people subscribed to it. The provider's audience is large. The average number of views is 10,746. The audience engagement is at a good level and is equal to 38.72%, which means that one third of the audience looks at the posts.
If we look at the number of subscriber growth, we can see that it has been growing since March 2023. The number of subscribers has increased from 25,000 to current subscribers, which means the growth is about 12% in one year. 

The provider gives reports on its trades, which can be seen on a separate channel at the link. Whether to believe these figures is of course up to you.


In the posts on the Telegram channel, there are no exact levels for entering and exiting trades. There is no information about take profit or stop levels.  These are just screenshots of technical analysis. You can say that this is just an overview of the market, as shown below.



There are no reviews on major platforms about this signal provider, including in the provider's Telegram channel.


Crypto Cove appears to be a cryptocurrency signal provider with an anonymous identity. The public Telegram channel does not provide signals, but rather offers reviews. Screenshots of results from the premium group cannot be fully verified without purchasing a subscription. Although the provider has a large number of subscribers, this alone may indicate good trading skills. It is important for traders to exercise caution when choosing any trading service or provider. Do thorough research before making a decision.