Controllerfx review

11 Feb 2024

General information

A popular youtuber in the trading industry, Don Vo, is the founder of Controllerfx. He sells courses and signals. Like the previous provider, this one is also based on Discord. He has a website, YouTube and Instagram account. 


Let's take a look at the website. The provider has an unusual website, though not a user-friendly one. The first thing it says on the page is: "Unlock Your Trading Potential with Our Simple and Powerful Approach to Profitability!" 


Next, the provider lets us know what Controllerfx is. He says that it is an effective forex market educational platform. Most likely this site is aimed at beginners who do not yet know how to experience trading.

You are then invited to sign up for free and receive a trading journal and a complete guide to the world of trading. You will learn the essentials of Forex trading without the information overload you will find in other courses. FREE of charge he says.

Now you can go to the next page where the provider sells trading courses. Here you can see the content of the course. There is nothing unique here, it is just a regular Price Action course. He is asking for mentoring for lifetime access, access to Zoom, exclusive members-only access and closed channels $750. 

Then there's customer feedback below.

What about the signals? The provider explains how his signals work. He's asking $997 for his signals. What about the signals? The provider explains how his signals work. He's asking $997 for his signals. What do you get for that kind of money? It is of course the signal itself, chat and education, live daily analysis, live trade signal risk management.


Social network

The provider has an Instagram account, which is subscribed to by quite a large number of people equal to more than 104 thousand. The main channel publishes currency analysis and training posts.


The provider's YouTube channel also has a large audience. There are 105 thousand people subscribed to the provider's YouTube channel. What is published on the channel? The videos are more entertaining and educational. Some are devoted to trading.


There's also a Facebook page with a small number of followers.


There's also Twitter or X


It's worth remembering that Provader doesn't have a public Telegram channel, so there is a Discord server. What is there on the server? It immediately show what is inside the server and what you can expect from it.



The provider doesn't have a public channel.


Since telegram is a public channel, there are no signals either. There are no signals to analyze on the Discord channel as well.


Let's look at customer feedback. There are reviews on the website, but can we trust these reviews that the provider himself has posted on his own website? Fortunately, there are reviews on Trustpilot. Then let's take a look at them. The average score is 2.7. What's alarming though is that there are only 4 reviews.


It seems that Don, a trader who was once considered very transparent on YouTube, has been accused of altering his trading results and manipulating data. The allegations against him include the following: losing 1500 pips in two days due to a scalping trade, not reporting this loss in the spreadsheets, increasing stop-loss (SL) levels, and not using proper money-management techniques.

It appears that the trading signals from Don are not well-received, with some users expressing dissatisfaction with the performance and value of these signals. Despite a relatively low risk-reward (RR) ratio and losses being allowed to run to the full stop-loss (SL) level, the signals seem to underperform, especially for experienced traders who may expect better results.

There is a positive review from a client who says that Don Vo's website is focused on forex trading education, including the best signals, live streaming and various charts.


Controllerfx is a trading platform designed to help traders develop their skills and enhance their trading experience. It offers comprehensive educational resources, including in-depth fundamental courses and expertly selected Premium trading signals to help traders make informed decisions. While the platform boasts an attractive web interface, it has received mixed reviews with an average Trustpilot rating of 2.7.