CjureFX review

3 Sep 2023

General information

CjureFX provider provides paid and free signals on Telegram channel. The provider has a website, as well as an Instagram account. Let's take a closer look at CjureFX.


On the website the provider writes: "Become the MOST profitable FOREX trader in just a few steps!" When you want to learn something, you want to learn from the best. You are in the right place, over 5 years of experience to become a profitable forex trader.


On the next page the provider offers the following services, education, pro firm courses and mentoring. For education the provider asks from $150 to $2500 for information that can be easily found on the internet. 

Social network

The provider has an Instagram account with about 19,500 followers. The main channel publishes already closed successful trades, as well as posts teaching trading.



The main source of signals is the Telegram channel. There are 811 people subscribed to it. The average number of views is 230. The audience involvement is at a relatively good level and equals 28.33%.
If you look at the amount of growth of subscribers, you will see sharp jumps up and down. The number of subscribers fell from 3 300 to 820 people, that is, the loss is about -75% for the year. And this indicates a high probability of channel artificially inflating.


Let's analyze one of the last signals from the Telegram channel provider was November 5, 2022. The signals was to buy gold at 1622. Stop loss at 1615 and take profit at 1663. 

After opening the trade, the price immediately went against the forecast and the trade closed with a profit.


Let's move on to the review of reviews about this provider. We have not found any reviews on third-party websites on this provider. 

There are a few reviews on the site, all of them with thanks about the success of the service.  Naturally, as their either negative or neutral reviews there are none.  These reviews look fake and therefore the reviews do not inspire confidence.


The provider actively promotes its VIP channel showing screens of their profitable trades. And as usual providing a history of results as well as screenshots will not prove that the results are verified. The provider would have avoided this situation very easily if he had provided his myfxbook profile. But we don't have it and also proof that CjureFX is really profitable.