Arielfx review

3 Feb 2024

General information

Let's take a look at a signal provider called Arielfx. This provider is based on Discord, it has no telegram channel, they have a website and several social networks. They offer trading courses and EA robots. Let's start with the website.


The provider's website greets us with the message "Trade What You See, Not What You Want to See". Then they promise to help you achieve financial freedom. You can see the Get Funded buttons on the left side of the screen. They promise to refund your money if you can't pass the Prop Firm Challenge.


Below further on, they offer exactly how they are willing to help. The first is of course through trading courses. They support you with constant trading ideas. They also offer algorithmic trading which includes indicators and Expert Advisors. Through Discord they mentor clients teaching the SMC and Wykoff method. There are three courses as we can see but they don't show the prices for them.

Then you can see which indicators and EAs you can get. They say that everything was done by professional programmers. All this algorithmic trading from Arielfx should lead you to passive income. 

They offer courses. What they say about it: "While there are many courses that teach terminology, none of them teach you how to put things together and apply the concepts in a logical systems approach. The Arielfx Smart Money Supply and Demand crash course solves this problem. The Crash Course was designed for those who have experience and knowledge of the concepts, but can't develop the application system needed to achieve consistency. Arielfx has invested countless hours in its development, targeting just such traders. We are honoured to be the first to fill this gap in trading education and we hope you enjoy it!"


And at the end we can meet the team and founders of Arielfx. Founded in 2019 by Aidan Hunt and Nathan Jester, Arielfx is a group of traders committed to providing quality education and resources for fellow traders. Originally childhood best friends, the duo gained fame on Youtube for their free trading lessons. 

Social network

The provider has an Instagram account with 3507 followers. The main channel publishes trading ideas. The provider is not so active here, as the last post was in October last year.


On his YouTube channel, the provider regularly posts training videos, as well as market forecasts and trading ideas. More than 9,000 people are subscribed to them.


There are no free signals on the ISP's discort channel. There is general chat and other methods of communication with the provider.



As stated above and the provider does not have a public telegram channel. Although there is the provider itself.


There are no signals on the Telegram channel and Discord channel, which makes it difficult to analyse the company. Since we cannot learn about the analytical abilities of the provider.


The company has only 3 reviews and the average score is 4.0.  All reviews are positive. 



Let's move on to the review of a feedback about this provider. There are a few reviews on the site, all of them with thanks about the success of the service.  Naturally, there are no reviews as either negative or neutral. It should be noted that they have a vip telegram channel and you can see the number of vip customers.  



Arielfx does not have a public channel to analyse their trading skills. Few reviews on Trustpilot. There are no links to the VIP Telegram channel on the website, which makes it impossible to verify signals. And the ratings on the website might be fake. Screenshots of reviews on the site also do not prove that the results are verified. In conclusion, we can say that the provider is more likely to be a provider of educational courses rather than forex signals.