Always Win Trades review

5 Mar 2024

General information

Today, we are examining Always Win Trades, a crypto signal provider with a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While the provider offers both free and paid signals, they do not have a dedicated website. It's important to keep in mind that a lack of a website may make it more challenging to verify the provider's credentials and gather comprehensive information about their services. Let's take a closer look at Always Win Trades.

Social network

Always Win Trades has an Instagram account with 2,021 followers. However, the provider appears to be inactive on this platform since their last post was made in November 2023. The content shared on their channel includes successful trades that have already been closed and monthly trading results.


The provider Always Win Trades also has a Facebook page, although it has a small number of subscribers. Upon examination, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly noteworthy or striking about the content shared on their Facebook page.


In addition to their social media presence, Always Win Trades also has a profile on TradingView. However, the provider doesn't publish their forecasts often, and their audience is relatively small. The last forecast was published in early December last year.


The provider's Twitter feed seems to be more similar to their TradingView presence as they post their crypto asset forecasts there. With over 5,000 subscribers, the provider does have a larger following on Twitter compared to other platforms.



The main source of crypto signals for Always Win Trades is their Telegram channel, where they currently have 9,194 subscribers. However, the average number of views is only 538, indicating a relatively low level of audience engagement, which stands at 5.85%.

Additionally, the number of subscribers has decreased by 16% since the beginning of 2023, going from almost 12,000 people to the current number of 9,194, which is a -16% loss of audience.

What does the provider himself say about his telegram channel? It says the following: "This is a free signal group for everyone. My premium group is of top quality and produce best futures signals daily."

It's important to note that the provider Always Win Trades has been described as organizing pump-and-dump schemes. While some traders may find this appealing, as it could potentially lead to quick profits, others may view this practice as manipulative and damaging to the overall integrity of the market. Traders should carefully consider their own risk tolerance and ethical standpoint when evaluating the provider's strategies, as engaging with pump-and-dump schemes may come with significant risks and potential consequences.

The provider Always Win Trades provides premium services at different pricing tiers, catering to the preferences of various customers. Their pricing structure includes the following options:

1. Monthly subscription: $100 for one month of access to premium signals.
2. Two-month subscription: $250 for two months of access to premium signals.
3. Annual subscription: $600 for an annual access to premium signals.
4. Lifetime access: $1,500 for lifetime access to premium signals.


Based on the information provided, the provider Always Win Trades shares signals on their Telegram channel for shorting the asset ZRX/USDT at the price of 0.93. The stop loss is set at the level of 0.97. As is common with many crypto trading providers, there are multiple take profit levels:

  1. First target: 0.916
  2. Second target: 0.898
  3. Third target: 0.883
  4. Fourth target: 0.860
  5. Fifth target: 0.830


The provider itself informed about this trade. It was +30% profit.

The next signal shared by Always Win Trades was to buy the POWR/USDT asset at the price of 0.48, with a stop loss set at 0.455. Similar to the previous trade, there are multiple take profit levels:

  1. First target: 0.487
  2. Second target: 0.495
  3. Third target: 0.504
  4. Fourth target: 0.520
  5. Fifth target: 0.540


Provider reports in the next post that the trade brought +29% profit. It should be noted that almost all signals forwarded from the premium group.


The lack of reviews for Always Win Trades on major platforms and within their Telegram channel or other social networks can make it challenging to gauge the provider's credibility, reliability, and overall customer experience. In such situations, it's vital to approach with caution and perform additional research before committing to their services.


The provider Always Win Trades has a significant number of subscribers on Telegram, but the level of audience engagement appears to be relatively low. The public Telegram channel doesn't provide signals directly; instead, it features screenshots of simple technical analysis from TradingView. Any signals with exact numbers are forwarded from the premium group. Despite claiming successful trades and showcasing results, there are no reviews available on major platform, which may raise questions about the provider's credibility and trustworthiness. Before engaging with any trading provider or subscribing to their services, it's essential to conduct thorough research and examine multiple sources of information.