Crypto Ease review

5 Jun 2024

Introduction to CRYPTO EASE

Today, we're shining the spotlight on Crypto Ease, a crypto signal provider that promises to make navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency a breeze. The name itself raises an intriguing question: what does it mean to be "ease" in the crypto industry? One thing is clear, however - Crypto Ease is active on various social media platforms, where it shares its expertise and insights with its followers. We'll take a closer look at this provider to see what it's all about.

CRYPTO EASE's website

We found that Crypto Ease has a website, but unfortunately, it appears to be currently unavailable. When trying to access the site, we encountered an error message that reads: 'The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified'. This suggests that the website may be experiencing technical issues or possibly undergoing maintenance. We'll have to look elsewhere to learn more about this provider.


CRYPTO EASE's Social Media

We've started searching for Crypto Ease on social media platforms, and one of the first places we've checked is TradingView. Although the provider has a relatively small following, with only 30 subscribers, it's clear that they are actively posting forecasts and analysis of various crypto assets. Notably, their focus seems to be on Bitcoin, as it appears to be a key area of interest for them. This could be a good sign for those who are interested in Bitcoin specifically, as it suggests that the provider has a deep understanding of the market and is willing to share their insights.


Crypto Ease also has a presence on Facebook, where they share their technical analysis of various crypto assets. Notably, despite having only 3 subscribers, the provider is still very active on the platform, consistently posting their analysis and insights. This suggests that they are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with others, even if it's not a large audience. In fact, their dedication to sharing technical analysis is a good sign for anyone interested in crypto.


The provider has a large following and a Binance Square profile where they share their thoughts and schedule, and over 10,000 people are subscribed to it. This suggests that the provider is a well-known and respected figure in the crypto market, and that many people may value their insights and opinions.



The CRYPTO EASE Telegram channel is particularly engaging, offering a wealth of information. While users may not find traditional signals with specific entry and exit numbers, the channel provides a comprehensive analysis of crypto assets, combining both technical and fundamental analysis.

Despite having a significant number of subscribers, with over 8405 users, the engagement rate on CRYPTO EASE's Telegram channel is relatively low, at 5.85%. This means that only about 492 people out of the total subscriber base actively engage with the content, which is a relatively small number compared to the overall subscriber count.

Another red flag is the subscriber growth graph, which shows a concerning decline in growth over the past year. Starting from 10,000 subscribers, the number has been steadily dropping to the current count. However, there are occasional spikes in growth, which may indicate that the provider has engaged in artificial means to boost their subscriber numbers, such as buying fake followers or using bots to artificially inflate their subscriber count.

Did you know that the signal provider, CRYPTO EASE, wasn't always known by its current name? In fact, it was originally founded in 2018 as Crypto Signals, before rebranding to its current identity. This tidbit of history adds a layer of depth to the provider's background, and may be worth exploring further in terms of its evolution and reputation over time.


Upon reviewing the Telegram channel of Crypto Ease signal provider, I noticed that it doesn't offer traditional entry and exit signals as initially described. Instead, the provider offers general analysis and price movement updates. This lack of specific signals makes it challenging to assess the provider's trading abilities and track their performance. However, we can still analyze the forecasts and predictions that are frequently posted on the channel, which may provide some insight into their trading strategy and accuracy. 

One of the most recent forecasts in the Crypto EASE Telegram channel was for the DYDX/USDT asset, which the provider predicted would break through a descending channel and move upwards. However, as shown in the screenshot, this forecast did not materialize. Instead, the price has dropped and even broken a local support level, which raises questions about the accuracy of the provider's predictions.

The next forecast in the Crypto EASE Telegram channel was for the BAKE/USDT asset. The provider predicted that the price would break out of a triangle pattern and subsequently increase. As shown in the chart, the price did indeed rise over time, validating the provider's prediction. The provider further speculated that the price would reach the resistance level and believed there was a high probability that it would achieve this target.


It's peculiar that this provider has such a lack of reviews. What's even more striking is that there are no reviews to be found in their Telegram channel either. Given their reputation, one would expect to see at least some feedback from satisfied customers. The silence is quite unusual and raises questions about the quality of their services.


CryptoEase's Telegram channel boasts a substantial number of subscribers, but the level of engagement is surprisingly low. This suggests that many of these subscribers may be unenthusiastic or even fake. On the other hand, CryptoEase's signal provider does demonstrate good analytical skills, occasionally providing accurate entry signals. Given their apparent capabilities, it's puzzling that there are no reviews to be found. This raises a critical question: if they're as good as they seem, why have no customers bothered to leave a review?