CoinSignals review

6 Apr 2024

General information

CoinSignals is a cryptocurrency signals provider that claims an impressive success rate of over 80%. The provider provides signals generated by artificial intelligence, although the exact methodology behind this process remains undisclosed. CoinSignals operates exclusively through its Twitter, Instagram and Telegram channels, with no dedicated website.

Social network

With over 11,000 subscribers on its Twitter page, the provider regularly shares insights on daily cryptocurrency news and —Ārypto signals. Their feed includes a plethora of technical analysis on crypto markets, as well as updates on major news events that impact the industry.


Surprisingly, the provider's Instagram account boasts the highest number of followers, with over 185,000 subscribers. However, despite this large following, the audience engagement appears to be low, sitting at a mere 0.34%.


It is quite peculiar that CoinSignals has been inactive on TradingView, considering that their last forecast was made two years ago. Upon examining the profile, it is apparent that a considerable amount of attention was dedicated to Bitcoin.



Similar to many other cryptocurrency providers, the primary platform for accessing the provider's signals is their Telegram channel. With over 76 thousand subscribers, the Telegram channel serves as a hub for sharing cryptocurrency analysis and signals, just like on Twitter. It is important to note that most of the signals shared on the Telegram channel originate from the VIP group.

The Telegram channel displays greater activity compared to other social networks, with a high level of audience engagement reaching nearly 40%. Furthermore, upon analyzing the subscriber growth graph, it is apparent that there is a healthy increase in the number of subscribers.

In the description, the telegram channel provider claims to be a team, but there is a lack of specific information regarding the individuals comprising the team and their backgrounds. As a result, CoinSignals remains entirely anonymous. Furthermore, they mention "AI signals" without detailing the specific AI methodology employed to generate signals. This ambiguity suggests that the mention of AI may be more about creating hype rather than providing transparent information on their process.


As previously stated, there are no free signals available on the Telegram channel. Instead, all signals are forwarded from the VIP group. Analyzing these signals may not be prudent, as the provider could potentially engage in cherry-picking. There have been some impressive results for February, with the provider sharing gains of over 1000%. However, the validity of these results may be questionable. It is ultimately up to the individual to decide whether or not to trust them.


There is a noticeable absence of reviews on prominent websites regarding this signal provider, and this lack of feedback extends to the provider's own Telegram channel.


There are no public signals available on the Telegram channel, and CoinSignals remains completely anonymous. Additionally, there are no verified results from the premium group shared on the public Telegram channel. When making claims of profitability reaching 1000%, it is essential to provide evidence to support such assertions. These factors collectively cast doubt on the professionalism of this provider. However, it seems that the provider possesses decent analytical skills based on outward appearances.