Binance Wolves review

21 Apr 2024

Binance Wolves - overview of the signal provider on TraderStat

Today our attention is on BINANCE WOLVES, a cryptocurrency signal provider with an intriguing name. What exactly are they trying to convey with this name? While they don't have a website, they have a strong presence on various social media platforms. Claiming an impressive 90% success rate, we want to dig deeper to see if this really sets them apart in the competitive world of cryptocurrency trading.

Social networks of the signal provider

First and foremost, let's delve into Twitter. It appears that they have a relatively small following on the platform. Their content largely consists of self-promotion, primarily showcasing closed successful trades. This lack of dynamic and engaging content may be the reason why there seems to be minimal interest in their profile. The absence of in-depth analysis or updated news from the ever-evolving crypto industry is likely contributing to the lackluster engagement on their feed.


Additionally, the TradingView profile under the name CryptoTiger is available. However, it lacks any intriguing content as the provider refrains from sharing forecasts. It is worth noting that the profile's name is "tiger," not "wolves."


The provider's Bianca Square profile, with only 18 subscribers, appears to have been neglected, as the last post was made nearly a year ago.


The instagram page seems to be unavailable


The provider's Discord server is currently inactive, with the last update published over a year ago. Despite this, they continue to brag about their impressive 90% success rate for trades.



As usual, the main source of Wolves signals is the telegram channel. Despite having a smaller subscriber base compared to other crypto industry standards, with an average of 3160 people, it is still quite popular. However, audience engagement appears to be lacking, with only about 6.17% of the three thousand subscribers interacting with their posts, resulting in roughly 195 viewers per post on average.

Upon further examination of the subscriber numbers since the beginning of 2023, there are signs of artificial inflation, possibly due to fake subscribers. Is it possible that advertising played a role during this period?

The channel description boldly boasts a 90% success rate for its signals, a claim yet to be substantiated by the team at Wolves. It's worth noting the substantial number of VIP clients they cater to. Back in March, the provider proudly showcased a screenshot revealing their VIP group comprised of a sizeable 140 members. It leaves one pondering, could that number have grown since then?


Additionally, it is important to highlight that the provider offers account management services. However, it is concerning that in order to utilize these services, they require access to your login and password for the exchange you trade on. These requirements raise significant concerns regarding confidentiality and security. Furthermore, they also request a substantial 30% of profit from every trade. This arrangement poses further doubts and raises questions about the transparency and trustworthiness of the provider.


Lastly, another valuable lesson we can gather from the Wolves telegram channel is the pricing of their services. The cost for access to their services is set at $150.


Let's dig into a recent signal published on the provider's exclusive Telegram channel. It is worth noting that the provider rarely shares signals on the public channel, as all updates are forwarded from the VIP group. The last signal indicated to open long positions on ETH/USD at an average price of 3200, with a stop-loss at 3158 and take-profit levels of 3260, 3300 and 3340. The risk/profit ratio for this trade was determined to be more than 1. 

However, shortly after the trade opened, the price went against expectations and resulted in a loss, after which the trade was closed. The provider immediately notified subscribers about the results.


There are no reviews on third-party web platforms for this provider. It is understandable since Wolves has quite few subscribers. And also in the Telegram channel there are no feedbacks. However, there are some reviews of people from the Discord community.



BINANCE WOLVES Telegram channel has more than 3,000 dedicated subscribers, but the level of audience engagement leaves much to be desired. Such weak engagement may indicate poor subscriber loyalty, which is confirmed by the channel's unstable growth dynamics. The provider claims its favorable offers, but the lack of feedback casts doubt on the credibility of these claims. Besides, the dependence on VIP-signals and the absence of free signals make it difficult for potential subscribers to evaluate the analytical abilities of the provider. The claimed success rate of 90% has no concrete evidence.