Synergy Fx review

4 Dec 2023

General information

Today we have another Telegram-based signal provider Synergy Fx. The provider offers free and paid signals. The provider has nothing, no website, no social networks. He promises to make a minimum of 10R per month. Is it true? Let's take a look.


The only source of the provider's signals is the telegram channel. At the moment only 3963 people are subscribed to it. Here signals and comments to them are given. The results from the VIP group are actively advertised.

If we look at the graph of subscriber growth we can see signs of fake subscriptions. What does that mean? There is a rapid rise and a rapid fall. A healthy subscriber growth graph doesn't look like this.

In the channel description, the provider promises from 10R-20R profit monthly. From 5 to 10 signals are given per week. The admin of the channel is an anonymous someone with the nickname Protectron. 


What are the prices of the VIP group? They're asking $70 a month. For 3 months $150, and for a lifetime subscription $400. VIP group frequency of signals is reduced and 1-3 signals are given per day with a risk ratio of 1 to 2. They say that their signals will help to pass the prop firm challenges. You can see that they often advertise this.


The trading results for each vary from 2% to 14%. These figures are not exaggerated as other providers do to lure newcomers. There is even a month where the provider closed the March at -4%. This also shows that the provider can be transparent and does not hide its unsuccessful trades. They offer services of passing challenges for $300 with a success rate of 90%.  Profit received from this 35% as the provider says they take to themselves. Although there is no evidence that they can do this. No proof has been seen. Now let's move on to analyzing the signals.


Let's analyze one of the latest signals from the provider's Telegram channel. It should be noted that the provider rarely publishes signals on the public channel. One of the last signals was on October 25, 2023 from the VIP group to buy EURNZD at the price of 1.8165. Stop loss at 1.8115 and takeouts at 1.8265. The risk/profit on this trade is 2.


After opening the trade the price fluctuated for some time, but then went up and the trade was closed by 2R profit. The provider did not notify anything about it.

Another example: November 22, 2023. The signal was to sell AUDUSD at the price of 0.6565. Stop loss at 0.6590, which is 25 pips. Take profit at 0.6515. The risk to profit ratio is quite good - as in the previous trade it is 2R. After opening the trade, the price immediately went according to the forecast, but unfortunately the price did not reach the TP and closed at breakeven. There were no comments from the provider.


There are no reviews of this provider on major platforms. But there are feedbacks that were left two years ago. Naturally, there was not a single negative or neutral review. All of them were thanking about the success of the signals. 



Synergy Fx provider is completely anonymous. There is no social networks or website to easily find out information about the provider. On the public Telegram channel there are trades from the VIP group, which are unconfirmed. You need to buy a subscription to see real results. The provider does not have a profile on myfxbook. But judging by the percentages that are posted for a month, we can say that the provider is quite open. Analysis skills are at a good level.