Luxury FX review

18 Feb 2023

General information

Luxury FX claims to have 8 years of experience in the financial market. It provides signals on its free and paid channels.



There is nothing special on the website of the provider, the site is quite simple.  The provider goes on to write, "The main goal of Luxuryfx is to provide our clients with the best possible trading experience. We are very passionate about trading, and every time we do in-depth research and studies to improve our services to help clients grow financially in the trading markets. We constantly strive to provide and deliver the best currency trading services."


The company provides training services in forex trading. The company also has a PAMM and robot trading platform.  And also the provider offers us to buy a "secret strategy".

On the VIP channel, the company offers 1-2 signals per day for different assets. The company promises 1500 pips per month. At the same time, it immediately disclaims any responsibility, in the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. "Luxury FX is not responsible for money received or lost as a result of our signals".

Social network

The provider has an Instagram account with 8,869 followers.


There is also a Facebook account with more than 5,000 subscribers. On the main feed, the closed successful trades from the VIP group are published. The last post was two years ago.



The main source of signals is the telegram channel. It has 4,699 subscribers. The average number of views is 366. The audience engagement is low and equals 7.79%.

If you look at the graph of the number of subscribers over the years, you can see that the provider has lost -32% of the audience, from 7018 to 4699.

The provider gives itself a 5/5 score, although there are no ratings on the provider on third-party sites.


Let's analyze one of the signals for EUR/USD on October 6, 2022. The signal was to buy the asset EUR/USD at 0.98750. Stop loss at 0.98000. Take profit at 1.0000. After the trade opening, the price immediately went against the forecast, and the trade was closed with a loss. The provider has not informed about it. It is worth noting that there are few signals on the channel.


There are no reviews on third-party websites on this provider. There are a few reviews on the provider's telegram channel. There are no negative or neutral reviews. All of them with gratitude about the success of the signals. Of course, such reviews in telegram channel posts are questionable.



Most of the signals and results are from the VIP channel, which again you need to buy a subscription to see the real results. Provider Luxury FX actively posts stories of profitable trades from the VIP group, but providing results stories are not verified. However, the provider would have very easily avoided this situation if they had provided us with their myfxbook profile for verification. We should not trust everything a signal provider promises.
No reviews on third-party sites since 2016? The provider actively promotes the bot on the telegram channel, but does not give verified results, and there are no reviews about this bot either.