Fed. Russian Insiders review

12 Jun 2024

Introduction to Fed. Russian Insiders

Launched in 2019, Fed. Russian Insider, has been a prominent player in the cryptocurrency trading space. The channel's primary objective is to deliver trustworthy and high-quality trading signals to cryptocurrency traders. A group of seasoned traders and analysts, with years of collective experience, came together to create this platform, catering to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. Since its inception, Fed. Russian Insider has gained immense popularity, with numerous traders reporting successful profits. Let's delve into the details to explore more.

Fed. Russian Insiders' Social Media

Fed. Russian Insiders are not typically found on social networks, as they tend to operate mainly on Twitter and Telegram channels, keeping their online presence relatively low-key. The signal provider is primarily active on Twitter, where they have a following of 5,225 subscribers. They describe themselves as "the most accurate and profitable crypto trading signal community in the world", with a history dating back to 2017. Despite being active on the platform since May 2023, their Twitter channel was only operational for approximately three months, as they ceased posting in August 2023. During this time, they mainly shared signals from their VIP group, general market analysis, and cryptocurrency news updates.



The primary and sole source of signals at present is the Fed. Russian Insiders Telegram channel, where they regularly post signals and updates on the cryptocurrency market. Despite having a large subscriber base of nearly 98,000 followers, the audience engagement on the channel is relatively low, with an engagement rate of only 5%.

The Fed. Russian Insiders' channel has an impressive number of subscribers. However, a closer examination reveals a concerning trend - the provider has lost more than half of its subscribers over the past year. At its peak in August of last year, the channel had reached an astonishing 194,000 subscribers, but unfortunately, it has since dropped significantly.

Fed. Russian Insiders' Signals

There are no public signals in the provider's Telegram channel. Instead, they forward signals from their exclusive VIP group. It does not make sense to analyze already closed trades as shown below.


While the provider shares a track record for May, it includes both trade results and overall performance. Although we can scrutinize the reports, we notice that they claim a staggering 2000% profit for May, accompanied by a 94% accuracy rate. Upon closer inspection, these figures appear to be unusually high, making it difficult to verify their authenticity solely through visual reports.


It's unusual that a provider with a large subscriber base has almost no feedback from customers. A search on review platforms like Trustpilot yields no results, and even the Telegram channel's key is remarkably empty. However, digging deeper reveals a few reviews from customers on Reddit, dated back to three years ago.


One client was pleased with the service they received from the Fed. Russian Insiders. They praised the good signals offered by the provider, highlighting a positive aspect of their experience.

Another client expressed concern after noticing a discrepancy between their results and those they had shared publicly. While the provider reported a 329% increase, the client claimed to have achieved only a 23% gain. This disparity has raised doubts about the reliability of the provider's signal and its accuracy in meeting customer expectations.

Another client raised the issue by pointing out a case where one losing trade took away four successful trades. This has led to concerns that the provider may be using a negative risk-to-reward (R/R) approach. A closer examination of the Telegram channel reveals that many trades redirected from the VIP group feature large stop-losses and small take-profits. This has prompted questions about the effectiveness of the provider's risk management strategy.


According to screenshots, the Fed. Russian Insiders service boasts a 94% success rate. However, despite having a large number of subscribers, the provider has only received a limited number of reviews, with both positive and negative feedback. Moreover, the audience engagement rates are low, making it difficult to gauge the provider's performance. Furthermore, there are no publicly available signals that would allow ordinary investors to evaluate the provider's track record. Notably, one client reported a disparity between the publicly reported results and the actual performance of the signals, raising further doubts about the provider's claims.