Vince Prince Crypto review

28 May 2024

Introduction to Vince Prince Crypto

Today, we're shining the spotlight on Vince Prince Crypto, a well-known cryptocurrency signal provider that has gained a significant following on TradingView. The driving force behind the signals is Vince Prince himself, a trader who has built a loyal community of enthusiasts. Although his social media presence may not be as extensive as some other providers, he still maintains a dedicated fan base. In contrast, Platform X takes the lead in terms of subscribers, boasting a significantly larger audience.

Vince Prince Crypto's Social Media

The provider boasts an impressive network of over 35,000 practitioners on the TradingView platform. One notable member, Vince Prince, used to constantly share his cryptocurrency predictions with the community. However, it appears that he has since become inactive, as his last prediction was made in February.


Next, we'll be focusing on platform X, where Vince Prince is a prominent figure. As a seasoned trader, investor, and financial analyst, he shares valuable insights and analysis on the world of cryptocurrencies. Provider joined the platform in 2019 and has since shared numerous posts filled with useful information and market trends. With an impressive 19,000 followers, Vince's expertise has clearly resonated with many in the cryptocurrency community. However, it's worth noting that his last post was in September of last year, which suggests that he may be currently inactive on this platform.


As a seasoned trader, investor, and analyst, Vince Prince shares his expertise on Instagram, providing in-depth technical analysis of various crypto assets. His posts offer a unique blend of market insights, chart analysis, and trading strategies, helping followers make informed decisions. Although the account is currently inactive, his previous posts still offer valuable insights and perspectives for those interested in cryptocurrency market analysis.


The provider's YouTube channel is still active, featuring videos on fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies. These videos not only provide insights into the market, but also serve as educational resources for viewers. The content is designed to educate and inform, rather than promote specific trading strategies or signals. By watching these videos, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of the cryptocurrency market and its various factors, which can be useful for making informed investment decisions.



The provider's Telegram channel is the primary hub for trading ideas and signals, offering a wealth of information on cryptocurrencies. This free resource is particularly valuable for beginners, providing a comprehensive overview of the crypto market. While the channel doesn't offer specific buy/sell signals with precise numbers, it serves as a valuable educational platform for subscribers. With over 6,000 members, the channel has established itself as a trusted source of information for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

A review of the channel's subscriber growth reveals a significant decline over the years, with a staggering 45% drop from its peak of 15,400 subscribers to its current number. The channel's history spans over 4 years, and despite its age, the engagement rates have remained remarkably low. With an engagement rate of 0.46%, it's clear that the channel's activity and relevance have waned. This is particularly concerning when considering the channel's size and presence on both Telegram and TradingView, which are normally indicative of a strong and active community.

Vince Prince Crypto's Signals

As mentioned earlier, the channel does not provide specific buy or sell signals. Instead, it offers a general overview and speculation on the future price movement of crypto assets. The channel's content is more focused on providing insights and analysis rather than specific trading recommendations. If you're looking for actionable trading signals, this channel may not be the best fit for you. However, it can still be a valuable resource for those interested in staying up-to-date on market trends and sentiment.



It's peculiar to note that despite having a significant number of subscribers, there are no reviews or testimonials available from clients of this provider. Typically, providers with a large following would have a collection of reviews or ratings from satisfied customers. The lack of reviews makes it difficult to gauge the effectiveness and quality of the VIP signals offered by this provider. It would be beneficial for potential clients to have access to real-life reviews and feedback from existing subscribers to make a more informed decision about whether to join the channel.


It appears that Vince Prince Crypto has been inactive since February 2024. Despite this, the provider's content is still valuable for learning about cryptocurrency technology and staying up-to-date on industry developments. While Vince Prince Crypto is a popular resource, there are no reviews or testimonials from past clients to provide insight into the effectiveness of their VIP signals. Unfortunately, we don't have access to a track record of results from 2022, and it would be beneficial to have information on their performance in 2024. Nevertheless, their educational content remains a valuable resource for those interested in cryptocurrency.