Crypto Bullet review

25 Mar 2024

General information

Today, we are focusing on another crypto service provider known as Crypto Bullet. This name might suggest their emphasis on signal accuracy. Unfortunately, they have a limited social media presence and no website. However, they boast a substantial number of subscribers on their Telegram channel.

Social network

To begin with, we come across a prominent Twitter account that has successfully amassed a substantial following of over 116,000 enthusiasts. These followers are drawn to the platform for its engaging content, which primarily consists of visually appealing graphical analyses and insightful predictions pertaining to the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.


Moving forward, we encounter another platform called Tradingview, where one can potentially provide valuable insights. It is essential to mention that the account associated with this platform has been inactive since November of the previous year, with no recent forecasts or posts. The individual's analysis on Tradingview predominantly revolves around Bitcoin and major altcoins, garnering the attention of over 6,000 subscribers who eagerly follow their expertise.



It is evident that the primary source of signals stems from a Telegram channel, boasting an impressive subscriber count of 86,500 individuals. The channel maintains a satisfactory level of audience engagement, with 41.49% of its subscribers actively participating in weekly discussions. This equates to approximately 35,881 people monitoring posts within the channel. However, the subscriber growth graph raises concerns, as it displays a sudden and abrupt rise followed by a decline, which may indicate the presence of potentially fake subscribers, signifying unhealthy growth patterns.

Over the past four months, the Bullet Premium channel has shared statistics showcasing various trade outcomes. It is entirely up to the viewers' discretion to assess the credibility and reliability of these presented results.


On March 7th, the provider sent a buy signal for the MANTA/USDT pair, yet the entry parameters for initiating the trade remain unclear. However, two take profit levels have been specified: the first target at $4.55 and a secondary target at $5.55, offering potential profit opportunities for those who decide to follow the recommendation. Although as you can see from the chart the price did not reach the take profit levels.


In the subsequent signal, the focus was on purchasing the cryptocurrency asset MINA/USDT, similar to the previous instance, without providing explicit entry figures. Additionally, there was no stop loss level in place. The provider based their prediction on a triangle pattern formation. Nevertheless, as the graph demonstrates, the pattern proved to be ineffective, as the price moved in the opposite direction of the anticipated trend.


In the immensity of the internet, it is quite surprising that CryptoBullet, a platform with a considerable subscriber count, has seemingly evaded widespread attention and reviews. This anomaly raises questions about the absence of feedback and opinions from its vast user community.


The Crypto Bullet provider has a considerable number of subscribers, but it is somewhat surprising that there are no reviews to assess its performance. Additionally, the Telenram channel features posts with an inconvenient design, as they lack clear entry points, which might make it more challenging for viewers to navigate and engage with the signals and forecasts.