Why should you not trust Learn2Trade?

Why should you not trust Learn2Trade?


This company calls itself the best signal provider. No. We have checked this fact, and it is one of the worst signal providers. We lost 5000 pips during the period of checking. 

The official website is quite interesting. There are a lot of tabs, most information is along the lines that “everyone can earn”. 

We can see an ad “Start Getting FREE Signals Now" and a guarantee of up to 10 accurate and profitable signals per day.

However, in the middle of the picture we see that the number of signals is between 4 and 5. 

Quite below, we see a big banner about a paid subscription but previously we read about free signals. 

Let’s say some words about registration. Several months ago, the address was 20-22 Wenlock Road, London but some time later, the address has been changed to Office 1/2373, Quantum House, 75 Abate Rigord Street, Malta. 

At this time the company is registered in Malta. If we try to check the registration number, we see that this company exists but the address is different. 

Services provided by Learn2Trade

The list of services provided by Learn2Trade is wide. These are Forex, crypto signals, an order copying service, and paid education. However, the quality of these signals is bad.


Usually, we use sources where it is difficult to create fake reviews. However, everything is possible. We see a lot of positive reviews but the most important for us are negative reviews. 

Despite the big number of positive reviews, we have more than 20% of negatives. Let’s consider some of them. 

Other reviews have approximately the following message:

  1. Many words about bad signals that don’t reach profit level.
  2. A lot of people say that it is possible to earn money with these signals but only if you make orders in the opposite direction.
  3. 95% percent of orders are unprofitable. 

These reviews are true because we have some statistics to prove it, which we are going to describe in a bit.

Social media

Instagram. The profile has 5,600 subscribers. In Instagram, the analytics, motivation posts, and ads are published.

Youtube. The number of subscribers is 5.4 thousand. Videos are published every day. These are short instructions, analytics, and recommendations. Despite the relatively high number of subscribers, the number of views and likes isn’t very big.

Telegram channel. It is the main instrument for Forex and crypto signals that has more than 38 thousand subscribers. 

This channel is free. Yes, the number of subscribers is big. However, the real views are only 3-4 thousand. That’s why we can draw a conclusion that these subscribers are fake. If you are a great signal provider, people will go to you without any additional manipulations, especially, if it won’t cost them big money.

How can we draw this conclusion? For example, using the graph of dynamics of subscribers. The sharp increase by several thousand subscribers and the same sharp decrease when bots unsubscribe the channel. 

What information is published in the free Telegram channel? News, ads, pictures from accounts, examples, and results from a private group. 

Results of trading

The positive moment is in the fact that this signal provider publishes both good and bad results. They are clear in this aspect.  Also, they show us examples from the Private group. 

We see that this signal consists of one TP, entering point, one SL, R/R, and even recommendations on risks. Let’s check this signal. The result is negative.

However, they don’t hide the result of this order and give full information about it. 

Before we buy a subscription, we want to find the results for the last time. However, this information is absent. We don’t give up and write to the consultant. He responds to us in a couple of minutes. 

They give us a result and statistics from My FX Book. 


We see that the result is very bad. The account is real. The income was -7,13% on the real account and at this moment, the losses are $342.92. Taking into account the fact that the statistics have been collected since April of 2021, we have had losses for the last 9 months. 

Testing the signals

We only need to buy private signals and check them. We bought a monthly subscription on a private channel. During this process, we have one negative moment. You can’t cancel auto-renewal autonomously. You need to write an email, send data. In this situation, a question arises “Will the existing subscription be available after canceling, or you will be deleted from a private channel?”

We checked all the orders from the private channel during the last 1,5 years, and we got the following statistics.

We intentionally colored the result of pips to see visually the advantages and disadvantages of this provider. 

  1. The most unprofitable currency pair among major and cross-pairs is GBP JPY.  Only 23 orders were profitable among 90 that were opened. 
  2. The most profitable currency pair is EURAUD. Among 26 orders 9 were profitable and the profit was 984 pips.

Wrapping up

What conclusions can we draw?

  1. Too many ads.
  2. A lot of unnecessary information that confuses beginners and hides the bad quality of signals.
  3. Machinations with automatic renewal of subscription. 
  4. Fake subscribers and reviews on Trustpilot that are confirmed by a big percentage of negative reviews. ‘
  5. Very bad quality of the signals. The positive fact is the relative honesty of the provider in the public Telegram channel. 
  6. Lack of income. 
  7. A lot of negative reviews where people talk about conflict situations and losses.

To sum up, this company isn’t worth trust. 


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