Blue forex signals review

Blue forex signals review

Basic analytics

Previously, we always analyzed the website, social networks of the signals supplier. However, it isn’t possible in this case because they aren’t relevant. The expiration date of the website has passed. 

Only two pages are working now. These are Telegram channels with free signals. One of them is private, the second one is public. The signals for Forex trading are published only on them. 

How does it work? Actually, till the middle of 2017, they used their website, Instagram page, Facebook, and Twitter actively. Then, they decided to use only Telegram.

There isn’t any information in search systems. We only managed to find several links with telegram statistics. 

However, there are some moments that can concern us:

  1. Why has the number of subscribers decreased from the 10th of May to the 16th of June? Almost 33 thousand subscribers have decided to unsubscribe (we talk about a public channel).

    However, anomalies don’t end there. We see very weird growth, followed by a drop by tens of thousands of subscribers.
  2. The number of views has recently increased from 785,000 to 2 million.

    What can we say about that? Probably, there were cheat subscribers. Such sharp ups and downs are almost impossible. 


Well, every signal provider is like a walnut. Outside is a shell, but inside is the most interesting and delicious part. The shell of Blue Forex Signals turned out to be quite thin, so we have nothing more to explore. Let’s discuss the core of Blue Forex Signals, which is the most valuable.

As always, I bought the official subscription on the VIP channel where data is not public and this is what I have to say. I want to give one example. Please, look at this table.

It is a huge part of the data that has been accumulated for the month. We started on the 1st of April and finished on the 29th of April and since 30th was a Friday, there weren’t any signals.

We have data about key points. It is a very common practice. The result of processing them is partial closing the order and moving stop-loss to the entering point or, simply put, the breakeven. 

In the rules, when you subscribe to the channel, all the information is written correctly. 

The information in a channel is short and precise.

  1. The entering point, SL, and TP are very easy to understand.
  2. Also, apart from this format, we got messages about partial closing of the orders and moving SL to breakeven, to the entering point.
  3. Target hits
  4. and SL hits.

I want to give you some orders as examples. 

Wrapping Up

What statistics do we have? The total number of signals is 72. We hit take-profit only in 19 of them. It is 26,389%.

How is it effective? It depends on the risk-reward ratio. If it is 3/1, you can earn money with 30 percent of profitable orders. 

Also, a lot of orders are partially closed. We can read in the rules that when you get a signal to close a part of an order, you need to close 50 percent of the position and move SL of another part to breakeven.

We had 29 orders for this period. We can draw a conclusion that 24 of the orders were closed with losses.


Number of orders


Closed by Take Profit


Partially closed


Closed by Stop Loss



To sum up, those are not bad signals. They are informative and give good results. The rules of entering and closing the order, moving are told by the administration.

However, you should understand that profit isn’t very big. Those are not very productive signals. This accuracy of signals, partial closing, and moving to breakeven is not processed very often. There are a lot of companies that provide significantly more profitable signals, but you can use these if you want. 


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